Hello there!

My name is Marlena and I am blogging to you from Oslo, Norway.

This blog was created to share with you my passion for sewing and drawing. (In other words, I started a blog because my mom was tired of receiving hundreds of pictures of what I’ve made… 🙂 )


I bought my first sawing machine in August 2017, but I’ve been dreaming of altering and making my own clothes ever since I can remember.


The biggest reason why I wanted to make my own outfits is something a lot of women can relate to – I could NEVER find well-fitting clothes in the stores. I’m a short person (with a very short torso…) and finding a skirt, shirt or pants that fit my waist was a mission impossible.

Standardised sizing used by clothing companies not only excludes many buyers but it also aggravates the negative body image many women struggle with. It took me a while to understand that we were not born to fit standardized molds dictated by the fashion industry. We are all unique and having clothes that fit helps us accept our body AS IT IS.


Making my own clothes became my personal way of coming to terms with who I am and how do I look like. I do take care of my body – training and a healthy diet are natural parts of my life – but I will never stress over my evident lack of Instagram butt or whatever the next craze is going to be.


I make a lot of free tutorials in hope that they inspire other women to make clothes that fit them and make them feel beautiful! Remember:


“It’s the dress that must be perfect, not your figure.”






  1. june

    February 12, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    I really enjoy your blog
    hope to try some of your beautiful outfits. you just look so beautiful in everything you made
    I never did anything with out a pattern but will give it a go.
    not that I am good at that but learning.
    thank you for sharing

    1. Marlena

      February 13, 2018 at 2:14 pm

      Hi June!
      So nice to see your comment! I am happy to hear that you feel inspired to try new things!
      Give yourself a permission to make mistakes and correct them as you go – that’s the success formula for making things without a pattern.
      Marlena 🙂

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