DIY Velvet Top

In order to make this DIY Velvet Top, I used the pattern that I had from DIY Vintage Jacket. You can click here to see it.

Did you know that you can also make a DIY  Velvet Pants that match this top perfectly? 😀

diy vintage pants and top

There are few small changes from the jacket pattern, so follow these steps to make your own, beautiful velvet top!


STEP 1 – Drafting the pattern


First, take an oversized jumper or shirt which will be your template. Trace the bodice (together with sleeves) of your jumper in order to get the right shape.

The neck hole is the most important for this project, so try to trace it accurately.

In order to get the right length of your top, measure the length from your shoulders to your waist – then shorten your template accordingly.

The whole top is flowy, so we have to add a few cm on the top of your sleeves and on the sides of both back and front.

The back is supposed to be larger and has some extra folds, so we will have to add few cm on the back panel at the center seam.  

Additional pattern pieces to draft are cuffs and turtleneck.

In order to make cuffs measure the circumference of your wrist (that will be the length of the pattern).

I wanted my cuffs to be very small, only 2 cm wide. We need to add 3 cm for seam allowance, so I ended up with 5 cm in width.

To make turtleneck pattern, measure the length of the neck hole on pattern pieces.

How big do you want your turtleneck to be? I wanted mine to be small – only 5 cm. Since we will fold it over itself we need to multiply it by 2  and add 3 cm for seam allowance.

See the pattern pieces below.




STEP 2 – Cutting out the pieces 


Cut out your pattern pieces. Front and back bodice should be cut out on the fold.

I made this suit in two different versions. In the second one, I didn’t cut bodice pieces on the fold and instead connected them later. It gave the top a cool little detail. Play around with your top. It’s really fun! 🙂


STEP 3 – Prepare the material


Overlock or zigzag both front and back bodice. I don’t have an overlock machine (yet!) but an overlock foot and a tight zigzag stitch work just fine.


STEP 4 – Connecting the bodice


Pin shoulder seams together and sew them together. 


STEP 5 – Gathering the sleeve


Put two rows of basting stitches on the ends of the sleeves.

Take the cuff pieces. Fold them in half and iron well. Turn in one edge 1,5 cm.



Put cuff piece and sleeve right sides together. Pin on the sides and gather till sleeve fits the size of the cuff. Stitch in place. Grade the seam allowance inside and iron them up them towards the cuff.



Next, fold the cuff in half, right sides together and sew the edges. Flip the cuff out to the right side, tease out the edges with a pin.

Fold the cuff over the raw edge of the sleeve, pin in place (extending just a mm beyond the stitch line you made to attach the cuff) and sew using stitch in the ditch.



STEP 6 – Finishing the bodice


Pin underarm and side seams right sides together and stitch together.


STEP 7 – Making a turtleneck


Fold your turtleneck piece in half, pin right side together and sew. You have created a round tube. 

Next, fold it in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) and stitch using a small zigzag stitch (almost straight).

Turn the bodice on the right side. Put the turtleneck on the inside of your top and align the edges with the neckline. Sew with the same zigzag stitch.

Here is a very good video tutorial on making turtlenecks, in case you need a little more information. 🙂


Step 8 – Hemming


The last thing to do is finishing the hem of your bodice. I hemmed it using fusible tape, which is my absolute favorite nowadays. It gives a nice, invisible finish to a velvet garment.


diy velvet top



Your top is ready! Pin this project for later and give it a go!

Pair this top with Red Velvet Pants for a perfect Christmas party outfit!

Please let me know if you liked this project. 🙂



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